Product Features

DAS provides accurate scanning, complete security vulnerability report and reinforcement recommendations and assists information-related personnel in improving information security vulnerabilities of websites and in conforming with requirements of applicable laws and regulations, so as to allow businesses feel more at ease when dealing with impacts brought by the Personal Information Protection Act.

Black-box test improves the security level in all aspects

  • Detect the security of web applications by simulating various attacks of hacker to confirm whether there are security vulnerabilities in the system.
  • Analyze and investigate existing contents on and structure of the site at the beginning to ensure stability of system.
  • Non-intrusive scanning ensures that the website can operate normally without interruption.
  • Detect the website with no need to obtain the original code of the program.
  • Support Web server languages such as JSP, PHP, ASP, CGI, ColdFusion Mx ect.

Scanning report enables immediate repair of information security vulnerability

  • Quickly and reliably obtain security vulnerability descriptions and provide complete detection report.
  • Analyze the website scanning results and come up with recommendations for repairing vulnerabilities and with knowledge of security.
  • Managers can conduct real time scanning and immediately view the vulnerability report, then do update or repair according to the level of risk.
  • Reduce the necessity of manual test and the cost of maintaining and operating information security.
  • Provide advanced users with detailed vulnerability descriptions and relevant links.

Easy operation makes remote scanning possible

  • Localized Chinese user interface and convenient function settings make it possible to quickly complete website security scanning.
  • Detailed and complete Chinese statement assists mangers in repairing website vulnerabilities.
  • Scan vulnerabilities of the system and detect the website without interrupting operation, improving the operating efficiency.
  • Not needing to install the DAS on the server since remote web application assessment is possible, which ensure a higher security.
  • Not needing manual penetration detection, which reduces businesses' IT and maintenance costs.