Product Specifications

Continuous improvement of hacking attack practices challenges the security of existing applications. However, DAS constantly updates the vulnerability database in response to improvement of hacking practices which are used in return to detect the website and discover information security vulnerabilities of the system. Detailed vulnerability report and repair recommendations are provided based on the detection results to assist businesses in regular evaluation and vulnerability repair, so as to achieve good management and control of website security and confirm with regulations set forth in the Personal Information Protection Act.

Parameter manipulation
Application error message Code execution Cookie manipulation CRLF injection
Cross Frame Scripting Cross Site Scripting Directory traversal File inclusion
Full path disclosure LDAP injection PHP code injection Remote XSL inclusion
Script source code disclosure SQL injection URL redirection XPath injection
File Check
Backup Files Cross Site Scripting in URI Script Error
Directory Check
Common Files Cross Site Scripting in path Directory permissions HTTP Verb Tampering
Possibile Sensitive Directories Possibile Sensitive File Session Fixation WebDav