Product Features

Monitoring website ensures real-time protection

  • Timely restore original contents on websites by automatically detecting the websites via DWP to confirm whether they are replaced or tampered, so as to prevent them from illegal damages by malicious persons.

Zero-time-difference monitoring ensures dynamic control

  • When data change is discovered, the system will immediately send an email to inform system administrators of the change, ensuring quick and accurate learning of web security.

Monitoring records ensure instant references

  • Monitoring and restoring records are provided, supporting dump in Excel format, to assist administrators with analysis and plan follow-up scalability and availability.

Customized settings provide flexible supports

  • Both local and remote machine can provide protection and support common file-sharing framework. Set in accordance with businesses' needs to enhance efficiency of protection.

Management of monitoring ensures customized protection

  • Users can switch the protection status at their own will, and do monitoring settings in accordance with level of risk to meet needs of system administrators.

Isolation of tampering ensures multiple levels of protection

  • When an new creation or update is made to data protection zone, DWP will immediately isolate such malicious programs and establish improved protection to ensure the security of the websites.

Simple operation ensures quick learning

  • DWP website anti-tampering monitoring system provides a localized simple Chinese back-stage management interface, which saves maintenance time for IT staff.

Clear and concise back-stage management

  • Improved back-stage management ensures a clear understanding of the dynamic contents on websites and a quick browse of static information to ensure security of the website.