Product Functions

Inform of tampering by email

  • The DWP anti-tampering data protection system can immediately restore contents of the original files once the data protection zone was tampered to prevent files from illegal tampering done by malicious persons and meanwhile, an email will be sent to the administrator of warning service informing system.

Isolate tampered zone

  • When a new creation or update is made to data protection zone of the DWP anti-tampering data protection system, the DWP will immediately start the isolating program, transferring the contaminated (or tampered) files to the isolated zone for saving. When needed, system mangers can take follow-up control measures such as case study.

Restore tampered records

  • The DWP protective record back-saving module supports "monitoring (non-protective) mode" or "protective mode" to record any illegal changes of files so as to save the files in a secure status.

Support Excel format output

  • When operating the change-recording function, the DWP supports dump output of Excel format to provide users with record analysis of optimal scalability and availability.

Support customized folder/FTP/local data share/protection zone restoring framework

  • The DWP anti-tampering data protection system supports common file-sharing framework (for example: FTP file server and file sharing) to control protection and prevent from illegal new creation/ change/deletion.

Provide flexible creation of remote protection zone/backup zone/isolation zone

  • Both local and remote DWP website anti-tampering monitoring system can provide all zones with safeguards to ensure security of files.